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“Petit Paris”, is the nickname that Knokke got during the past years. Thanks to the beautiful hotels in Knokke, the many cosy shops, the fine restaurants and the most beautiful art galleries. Knokke is part of the area that is called Knokke Heist


Knokke is a seaside resort on the east coast of Belgium, next to a lovely nature area on the border of Holland and Belgium. It is known for its location near the sea, its nature and the luxurious villas and apartments which.

What once was known for fishermen, is now transformed into a place where tourists can find their perfect holiday destination. This has been done with the help of two important families in Knokke, the Lippens and Van Bunnens. One of the first important sights was the lighthouse. Entrepreneurs started to build more tourist facilities. From that moment on, the number of residents in that what was once a small town, increased considerably.


Also the residents of Knokke started to see the future of tourism and the first hotels of the many, wich are found in Knokke nowadays, were opened. Among them were Hotel Prins Boudewijn (1885) and the Grand Hotel (1890). The first guests of these hotels were artists who supported the painter Arthur Verwee, and together with his friends Dumontier, Van Bunnen and Parmentier, Verwee made a big contribution to tourism in Knokke. The names of those men are still found in Knokke today, with several streets named after them like P. Parlementierlane, Dumortierlane, Van Bunnensquare and  A. Verweesquare.

Nowadays there are over 40 hotels in Knokke, which are all within walking distance from the beach and the city centre.

Exhibition Art Gallery Voûte Schiedam
Exhibition at Art Gallery Voûte Schiedam

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