Visit Knokke & Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Find hotels, restaurants, museums and shops in Knokke & Knokke Heist.

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Interior & Lifestyle in Knokke
Art Gallery Voûte

While Knokke is getting more known for its luxurious way of life it offers, the interior and lifestyle stores are also transforming into more luxurious places where visitors can enjoy themselves for hours. Whether you are looking for home interior, a brand new sound system or a unique piece of art, you can all find it in Knokke.

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Bang & Olufsen Knokke

Bang & Olufsen
Natienlaan 215
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 517373


Blanc d'Ivoire Knokke

Blanc d'Ivoire
Kustlaan 193
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 626780


Flamant Knokke

Kustlaan 110 114
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 628280


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