Visit Knokke & Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Find hotels, restaurants, museums and shops in Knokke & Knokke Heist.

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Restaurants in Knokke

Whether you are looking for a trendy restaurant where they serve fusion food, or more traditional restaurants where they serve well known Belgium recipes, the options are endless in Knokke. From romantic restaurants, to authentic restaurants. From restaurants that offer entertainment for the children, to restaurants where you can enjoy the sound of silence.

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Titanic Knokke

Van Bunnenplein 14
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 623767


l'Orchidee Knokke

Lippenslaan 130
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 623884


Le Chardonnay Knokke

Le Chardonnay
Swolfsstraat 7
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 620439


De Oosthoek Knokke

De Oosthoek
Oosthoekplein 25
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 622333

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