Visit Knokke & Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Find hotels, restaurants, museums and shops in Knokke & Knokke Heist.

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Shops in Knokke

Knokke offers a diversity of shops, with the more luxurious and exclusive shops and boutiques located in the Kustlaan, and the larger mainstream shops in the surrounding areas. There is something of interest to be found for everyone when shopping in Knokke!

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New Paris Londres Knokke

New Paris Londres
Lippenslaan 314
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 608480


Diane Von Furstenberg Knokke

Diane Von Furstenberg  
Kustlaan 349
8300 Knokke  
Tel: +32(0)50 349324


Filou & Friends Knokke

Filou & Friends  
Lippenslaan 76 
8300 Knokke
Tel: +32(0)50 335268


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